38 (welsh) division MEMORIAL, mametz wood

The 38th (Welsh) Division was recruited from battalions of the Welsh Regiment, South Wales Borderers and Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1914. Lloyd George had a heavy hand in the raising of the formation; one of his sons being an officer in the division. It crossed to France in late 1915, and came down to fight on the Somme in July 1916. The first attack on Mametz Wood was on 7th July, when the division lost heavily in 'Death Valley' during the advance on the 'Hammer Head'. The next attack went in on the 10th, and by 14th July the wood was cleared - but at the cost of over 5,000 casualties in the 38th (Welsh) Division. A memorial was placed in Mametz Church in the 1920s, but this Red Dragon monument was placed here in the late 1980s on the wishes of a number of Mametz Wood veterans, former Sergeant Tom Price among them. A service of remembrance is held here every July, and there are good views across the battlefield from the site. It is best reached from Mametz village; take the Contalmaison road, and follow the signs (in Welsh!) down a long country road. There is parking in an old quarry below the monument. It can also be reached on foot only from Flat Iron Copse Cemetery.

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